PADI Rescue Diver: Scuba 103


Become A Safer Diver!


Course Requirements:
-Must be at least 12 years old. (12-14 year olds receive the PADI Junior Rescue Diver certification)
-Must be in good health and comfortable in the water
-Must be certified as an Advanced Diver, Adventure Diver or Jr. Adventure Diver
-Successful completion of a CPR program within the past 24 months.

Diving Equipment Needed:
Rental of your wetsuit, hood, BCD, regulator, gauges, tanks, weight belt, weights and gear bag are all included in your Dive N Trips course tuition.

You will need to purchase the following personal equipment to complete your class (if you don’t already own them):
– Surface Marker Buoy
– Signaling Device ( whistle)
– Cutting Device (knife or shears)
– Mask, snorkel, fins, boots and gloves
– Logbook
– PADI Dive Table or eRDP
Cost varies depending on what pieces of equipment fit your specific needs.

Course Scheduling:
-Orientation: two hours to cover course logistics and go over the schedule
-Classroom: two classroom sessions of three hours each
-Pool: two pool sessions of four hours
-Open water dives: complete ten exercises and two scenarios, can be done on one day or over two days; you and your instructor will decide

Emergency First Response Course (EFR): two classroom sessions of four hours

DAN: Diving Emergency Management Provider (DEMP) Course: two classroom sessions of four hours each

Your Instructor may adjust the schedule according to class needs.

Course Fees:

-Option 1 includes the PADI Student Kit with DVD and pocket mask, certification fee;
-Option 2 includes the PADI E-learning and pocket mask, certification fee;
-Option 3 includes the PADI iTouch and pocket mask, certification fee;
You will also need: RDP table or eRDP and your logbook;

Please call for most current pricing. We offer private instruction as well.


Please take the time to familiarize yourself with your course materials and make sure to review the introduction in the course materials prior to your first class.


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