Did you know that there are many different grades of breathing air? At Dive N Trips, the air that we fill your tanks with is tested every quarter. We ensure that our air quality is always Grade E/Oxygen Compatible. This is the highest grade and cleanest air there is. Air testing is not required by law, but we do it because we don’t want you to worry about what is inside your cylinder!

  • AIR: All of our air meets or exceeds clean-air standards for partial pressure filling.
  • NITROX / OXYGEN: We provide custom mixing from 22% to 100% Oxygen!

 Air, Gas, and Technical Fills Rates
 Air Fill (Up to 3500psi) $8.00
 Air Fill Card (Up to 3500psi) $70.00 for 10 fills
 Enriched Air/NITROX (22% – 40%)*  $15.00
 Enriched Air/NITROX Fill Card $120.00 for 10 fills
 Technical Oxygen Fill (40% – 100%)** $0.75 per cu. ft.

*All cylinders brought in for Enriched Air fills MUST BE OXYGEN CLEAN. NO EXCEPTIONS! Our staff reserves the right to refuse to fill any cylinder they suspect has been contaminated and/or is not oxygen clean.

**Evidence of training and certification required for any Enriched Air or Technical Oxygen fill.