PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Course Requirements:
Must be at least 12 years’ old (12 to 14 year olds can earn their PADI Jr. Diver certification.)
Must be in good health and comfortable in the water
Must be certified as a PADI Open Water Diver or Jr. Open Water Diver
Have an enthusiastic attitude and want to have FUN!

Materials and Equipment Needed:
Materials Needed:
PADI Adventures in Diving manual with Data Carrier
PADI Dive Tables or eRDP

Personal Diving Equipment Required:
Mask, snorkel, fins, lycra socks, boots, gloves, surface marker buoy, reel, signaling device (whistle) and cutting device (shears or knife)

Diving Equipment Needed:
Regulator system with computer, BCD, three cylinders, exposure suit with hood, weights and weight belt (available to rent or purchase.)

Course Scheduling:
Becoming an Advanced diver is simple as one, two, three! Step one is your orientation and academic portion, step two is your pool dives and step three is your open water dives.

Step One:
Orientation: Two hours on the first Thursday of every month, consisting of course logistics, paperwork, equipment fitting and equipment purchases
Classroom: One classroom session of approximately two hours

Step Two:
Pool: One pool sessions of five hours

Step Three:
Open Water Dives – Two days in an open water environment (ocean or lake); 5 Adventure dives over 2 days; Must include Underwater Navigation and Deep Diver;
Each Adventure dive can be credited toward a PADI Specialty

Your Instructor may adjust the schedule according to class needs

Course Fees:
Select your personal learning method:

Standard Course – $305.00 (does not include gear rental or boat fees)
Includes the following price breakdown
Student Kit – $105.00, includes book with dive slate, student record folder, and certification fee/card
Store and Pool Fees – $75.00
Instructor Fee: $125.00

eLearning Course – $390.00 (does not include gear rental or boat fees)
Includes the following price breakdown
eLearning – $173.00, includes eLearning, certification fee/card
Student Slate: $17.00
Store and Pool Fees – $75.00
Instructor Fee: $125.00

Private Course:
Includes the following adjusted prices, plus student kit/certification or eLearning
Private/Semi Private Store & Pool Fees – $250.00
Private/Semi Private Instructor Fees: 1 student: $400.00; 2 Students: $300.00 each; 3 or more students: $250.00 each

The above prices DOES NOT include the following:
Pool Rental – $25.00, BCD, Regulator system, Tank, Weights & weight belt, Exposure Suit w/hood
Open Water Rental – $50.00, BCD, Regulator system, 3 Tanks, Weights & weight belt, Exposure suit w/hood

We are looking forward to Continuing Your Diving Adventures!