Dive N Trips Owners

Gene Battaglia: PADI Course Director, Tech Instructor Trainer, DAN Examiner, PSD Instructor Trainer

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Favorite Food: BBQ or Italian
Favorite Local Hangout: Our Store, of course!
Favorite Dive Site: Truk Lagoon: San Francisco Maru
Favorite Type of Diving: Working with a New Student!
Best Dive You’ve Ever Been On: I would have said Truk Lagoon, but on the last Cozumel trip, it was such a kick to be cruising on a drift dive and having Kelly and I outlast the Divemaster on air!
If You Could Dive Anywhere in the World Where Would It Be?
Since Wrecks tickle my fancy, I would say, Bikini Atoll and the Great Lakes. Especially the Great Lakes!
Anything Else You Would Like to Add?
As divers we are the Oceans Ambassadors. As such, it is our duty to inform those who do not dive, as to what is happening to our oceans. To quote someone famous: “People will only love what they understand!” So we need to ensure people understand what is happening to our oceans and what they can do to make them healthier.
As far as getting to know me, here are just a few highlights of my diving career so far:

  • Bachelors of Arts Degree in Recreation Administration from Cal State Sacramento
  • Certificate in Training and Human Development from UC Berkeley
  • Involved in Law Enforcement since 1980
    -Retired Police Officer – East Bay Regional Park District
    -Former Deputy Sheriff, Tuolumne County
    -Former Deputy Sheriff, Kern County
    -Former Park Ranger, Kern County
    -Diver for East Bay Regional Parks
    -Chief of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department Dive Team for over 10 years
  • Public Safety Diving Instructor Trainer
  • PSD Trainer for several municipalities including:
    • San Francisco Police Department
    • San Francisco Fire Department
    • Alameda County Sheriff’s Department EOD Dive Team
    • Alameda County Sheriff’s Department Marine Unit
    • San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department Dive Team
    • Los Gatos DART
  • TDI Technical Diving Instructor and Instructor Trainer
  • PSAI Technical Diving Instructor and Instructor Trainer
  • IANDT Technical Diving Instructor and Instructor Trainer
  • Scuba Instructor since 1988
  • PADI Course Director (Instructor Trainer) since 1994
  • Certified over 2,000+ students
  • Involved in Public Safety Diving since 1985:
  • Designed, developed and implemented dive instruction program at Cal State University, Monterey Bay
  • Senior Instructor for the US Army Defense Language Institute at the Presidio of Monterey (Retired)
  • Owned and Operated Institute of Diving Technology since 1994
  • Developed strategic partnerships with other PADI Instructor Development Centers throughout the State of California
  • Developed and implemented Instructor training programs for various IDC Centers in California
  • Technical Diving Instructor and Instructor Trainer

Dorothy Battaglia: “The Boss!”

Hometown: Moorestown, NJ
Favorite Food: Chinese and anything with Ranch on it!!
Favorite Local Hangout: DivenTrips, or anywhere my Grandkids are!
Favorite Dive Site: Cozumel, Shore Diving, Lots of critters
Favorite Type of Diving: Drift Diving (in Cozumel)
Best Dive You’ve Ever Been On: Tahoe, my high altitude class, crystal clear water, cold, but clear.
If You Could Dive Anywhere in the World Where Would It Be?  The Red Sea, on my bucket list
Anything Else You Would Like to Add? Diving and even Snorkeling is like nothing else on earth.
The topic on everyone list now-a-days is the economy, it’s up, it’s down, never seems to be where you want it. But one thing never changes, the need for friendships. Through diving I have met A LOT of people. Some come and go, some stay, but in all instances, they are really good people. They want to have a little fun, with family and friends doing something they really enjoy. It could be snorkeling, scuba diving, photography, a little wine tasting, watch a movie, tell a story or listen to one and don’t forget EATING!. We have been so blessed to have it all!
As I said the economy has affected all of us in one way or another but, please never forget your friendships. Come on in and share a story, a picture, or tell us where you’ve been lately!
This is a personal invitation to join me on our many adventures! We need to keep on Imagining the Possibilities!